Shapeshifter Yoga

Shapeshifter Yoga
Shapeshifter yoga is a program that was scientifically developed by Kris Fondran. It is meant to improve the body shape with minimal risk of injury. It’s slightly different from the typical yoga and it can benefit its users both inside and outside the gym. It relaxes the body while making it stronger both physically and mentally. This program aims to make your yoga session as comfortable and easy as possible with painless poses meant to boost your energy, focus and mental quickness.

Shapeshifter yoga program consists of a routine of exceptional yoga moves and techniques that will assist you to achieve the desired figure while enjoying the other health benefits that come with it. The science behind this program is based on offering better work out and weight loss option compared to other popular workout programs like the cardiovascular training. According to Kris Fondran, yoga comes with additional benefits like improved stamina and increased flexibility.
Kris Fondran further explains that the reason why yoga is an efficient way to lose weight is that it tackles the primary reason why a lot of people add weight. When stress levels are high, the body responds naturally by producing more cortisol or the stress hormones which suggests to the body to fight the stress by eating. The body will produce cortisol depending on the level of stress you have so you’ll probably eat more if you get too stressed. The ShapeShifter yoga program has been designed to control your weight by regulating the level of cortisol in the body. Following the guidelines in this program step by step will help you manage your weight while benefiting from other health benefits that come with yoga.


ShapeShifter Program in detail
Here is a list of the features that come with the ShapeShifter yoga package:

  • Yoga quick start manual: it’s an overall guide to the techniques and skills that you must adhere to so as to manage your stress level and achieve the healthy figure you desire and a positive attitude.
  • Yoga Program Video: This is a video containing a compilation of all the distinctive yoga poses that feature in this program. You can do the complete program at once or do it in sessions according to your schedule.
  • Yoga Video Library: It contains step by step instructions on how to do the poses in the program effectively so as to achieve the best results.
  • Yoga Everyday Video: This contains a 10- minute summary of an extensive routine. This makes it easy to fix the session in between a busy day and still get that fine figure you require.
  • The Manual of ShapeShifter Yoga Poses: As the name suggests, this is a detailed manual to help you do the poses correctly. It contains all the information you require to rip the best out of the practice.

Pros and Cons


  1. Created by a true yoga guru

Kris Fondran is a well renowned yoga expert who knows almost all if not all there is to know in Exercise Physiology. She has published great articles in big platforms like the Cosmopolitan magazine and has been teaching yoga for probably a decade now. She knows exactly how to do it right from experience and this makes the program trustworthy and effective.

  1. Health and other benefits

The main benefits that come with following the ShapeShifter yoga program is the wonders it does with your body shape and weight. It makes you physically fit giving you a perfect figure and managing your weight in the process.

However, ShapeShifter yoga can also help you in so many other ways. Apart from improving your general body heath, it can also act as a stress relieving tool making it very effective for relaxing both the body and mind. It also improves your flexibility and strength making you less prone to injuries and improving your body posture.

  1. Flexible

It has been designed to fit a busy schedule making it possible for anyone to practice it without interfering with the daily activities.

  1. Fit for any skill level

Anyone can easily follow this program even without any prior knowledge of the same thanks to the tutorials and manuals that come with the package.

  1. Full refund guaranteed

You can get a full refund of your money if you find the program to be ineffective for a period of up to 60 days.


  1. Not for spiritual purposes.

It’s specifically for health and fitness purposes and won’t be suitable for those seeking spiritual guidance.

  1. Not a one-time solution

To achieve any results with this yoga, be it weight loss or just getting into shape, you will have to do it over and over again for a period of time to start seeing the effects. If you want quick results, then this is program won’t be suitable for you.

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