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Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga
Karma Yoga is sanctification of all doings and their results unto the Lord. It involves doing everything according to the divine ways and staying mentally balanced in the moment of success or failure. Its yoga of action and it involves serving all humanity selflessly. It prepares and purifies the heart and the mind for the receiving of the Knowledge of the Self and Divine light.
Man is bound to perform any form of action one way or the other and Karma yoga purifies the motive behind the action. When an action is done with the expectation of some kind of fruits it develops a selfish motive. But when one does not expect anything in return, it is liberating and Karma will not bind him/her. It helps one act as a vessel of spreading the Lord’s selflessness through actions. The main purpose of Karma Yoga is to help one be selfless in anything that he/she does and act as an instrument of the Lord. When one dedicates his/her actions and their fruits to the Lord, they will be freed from Karma and have peace.

Karma yoga prepares the aspirant (Adhikari) for knowledge of self and for the study of Vedanta. That’s why it’s advisable to practice Karma Yoga before going to Jnana Yoga. If you serve the people around you selflessly and without impurities larking in the mind, it will be a lot easier to indulge your mind with the knowledge of self.
The Karma Yogi should not focus on the fruits of their actions but rather dedicate their actions to God. They should not expect anything in return and that mentality will give room to compassion. This will bring the aspirant closer and closer to God and eventually he/she will feel no struggle in performing his work generously.


How to practice Karma Yoga
Meditation is always the first step and a vital part of Yoga no matter the type you practice. It allows you to give Yoga the complete concentration it requires. Karma yoga is considered to be a stepping stone to practicing other types of Yoga. You must follow the guidelines and principles of Karma Yoga to be able to effectively practice other forms of Yoga. Otherwise, you will probably end up wasting your time on the other types of Yoga like Jnana Yoga.
Karma Yoga is very effective in getting rid of the negative forces like, jealousy, hatred and ego from the mind. It enables you to perform your actions without desire and directs you on the path of Nishkam Karma. However, these qualities do not come overnight and it takes a lot of commitment and patience to achieve them. You need a lot of humility when dealing with other people. You cannot offer good service to the people if you approach them with pride and demand respect from them. When you start feeling God in everything that you do, then you can be confident that you have learned Karma Yoga.
Courage is the second most important virtue that you will need to completely do the Karma Yoga. You will need a lot of courage to do the right actions and to face the truth at all times. You need to be firm and truthful in whatever you do at all-time no matter how hard the situation might get. It’s never easy to achieve your goals when doing Karma Yoga and you will need to be mentally strong to stick to the right decisions.

Goals of Karma Yoga

  • Meditation is necessary and you should develop a routine of practicing it however tight your schedule is. Try to get some time for yourself however little it is and meditate to relax your mind. A relaxed mind can easily focus and concentrate on one thing at a time. This creates room for Karma Yoga.
  • You can achieve peace and happiness by serving God and the people selflessly. Follow the principles of Karma yoga and work without any selfish motives or expect any rewards. Make serving others a hobby and it will make you spiritually strong.
  • Serve people to bring you closer to God and always find time to say a prayer. This can greatly impact your life and it will make you see the greatness in relating with the people around you.

Serving the people around you can change your life in many ways and it will purify your heart living it free of all the negative energy. Your life will be filled with positive energies like love, sympathy and mercy. It will broaden your view of life and connect you with the life around you. You will get to a point where this qualities become part of you and this kind of life becomes normal to you. And that is when you will finally be a satisfied Karma Yogi.

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