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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga
The word Yoga was derived from the Sanskrit word yuj meaning to bind or yoke. Yoga has come as a gift to many all over the world due to its wide range of health benefits. The term Hatha means forceful or willful.
Hatha Yoga is a combination of physical exercises or postures called asanas. Its main purpose is to straighten and put together your muscles, bones and the skin. They also help in opening the spine and other body channels so as to improve energy flow in the body. I think it’s safe to say that hatha yoga is one of the most beneficial forms of yoga as long as body health is concerned. It has helped thousands of people recover from serious health complications, especially ones related to the spines that would have otherwise needed surgery to fix.

Hatha yoga can easily fix most of your back problems while improving its and your body’s flexibility in general. A flexible body is a healthy body and it gives the freedom to other people and pay attention to life in general. Listening is a virtue that a painful or unbalanced body does not give you the luxury of having. The physical body can be a major obstacle to the life around you if it is in pain or not settled. The physical body should not take control over the whole you since it’s just a part of you. Hatha yoga fixes and levels the physical body to a natural and relaxed state to enable it to be in harmony with the mind.


How Hatha Yoga Works
Hatha yoga clears the body channels enabling energy to move freely when doing other intense forms of meditation. Otherwise, if these energy channels are blocked, energy flow will be interrupted and this can lead to other health complications. Hatha yoga prepares the body ensuring that it’s in a gentle and relaxed state for best results in other forms of yoga.
Spiritual growth can be a hard and painful process if you were not initially prepared for it. Most people have allowed themselves to be bound to their physical being, and other external forces, allowing them to take control of their actions and reactions. This lives them vulnerable and knocked around by hard situations that in return live them wounded. Hatha yoga puts the body in a kind of state where it coordinates with the spiritual self and this makes you wiser. It puts you in a position where by you can learn from tough situations and come out stronger and wiser that before.
It has become normal for growth to be a painful process in the current world. However, that should not always be the case. It should be an interesting and easy process but because the body is not in union with the mind, pain is associated with every change that happens in your life. These asanas prepare you for a smooth growth and easy adaptation to change by giving you a solid background.

The objectives of asanas (postures)
The two main objectives of asanas in hatha yoga are:

  1. First, to practice any true meditation, you need at least one posture that you can be comfortable in for longer periods of time. Such postures develop the inner meditation techniques and the more you master such postures the better.
  2. Boosting the mind and body’s energy and health is the second objective of asanas in hatha yoga. This is achieved by opening the nadis. When these hatha yoga postures are practiced regularly and with commitment, the fruits of hatha yoga will be felt automatically. However, you will need to practice further to fully rip the benefits.

Steps to follow when doing hatha yoga

  1. Stand and start with the shaking. Shake your body while walking on tiptoe in one spot. The turn around and massage light through your whole body and inwardly recite the mantra.
  2. Bow forward slowly till you touch the ground. With your head on your hands, raise your knees slowly. Then swing your feet in and out while counting from one to twenty.
  3. Lie face down then put your head on your hands. Relax. Swing the bottom of your body from right to left and back and forth. Go as far as you can go while focusing on your spine.
  4. Slightly move your feet and toes in a circular movement while feeling your feet; relax.
  5. Do the Vajrasana (heels seat).
  6. Do the prevention (earth rubbing).
  7. Perform the cycling/supine position.
  8. Relax for 5 minutes.

You can purchase yoga videos from local stores or download the videos online that contain detailed instructions on how to safely perform these poses. You can also get more info on hatha yoga by reading yoga books and e-books online.

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